Cookie dough for when you get that craving.

Every batch is handmade in Seattle (Lower Queen Anne) by two guys who love making and sharing food. 

Keep it simple:

  1. Grab a cookie (or three) from the freezer.
  2. Pop 'em in the oven. Bask in the fresh cookie smells as they fill your kitchen.
  3. Enjoy your warm, delicious treat.

Why Frozen Dough?

Whether you’re in the mood for an easy, late-night snack for one, or in need of an easy dish to impress at that next potluck, you can grab the cookies from your freezer, throw them in the oven, and effortlessly make a batch that’ll have you feeling like the master baker you always knew you could be. 

The dough keeps for months, so you can have that "from scratch," delicious taste whenever your heart desires.