Comfort Baking Co.

Comfort Baking Co. makes gourmet, ready to bake cookie dough, growing on the firm belief that people can enjoy freshly baked food that is both delicious and convenient.

Started in 2016, Comfort Baking Co. is on a mission to give everyone the ability to make delicious, gourmet cookies without the hassle.

While honoring the classics, Comfort Baking Co. strives to make unique flavor combinations that allow you to spice up a “treat yo-self” night or whip up a batch to impress colleagues and friends.

Comfort Baking Co. uses all natural and sustainable food sources whenever possible. 


The Founders

Max and JD are two long-time friends that have discovered the immense gratification of hand-making a product that people love.

The original three recipes are ones that Max grew up on, crafted and perfected by his mom, Marcia. Fortunately, they believe great food should be shared, so in 2010 JD got his first bite of the decadent Chocolate Raspberry cookie.

Years passed, and determined to start a business together, Max and JD built several with varying levels of progress, all while munching on cookies shipped to them from Marcia by way of frozen dough.

In spring of 2016, the idea hit— people needed to have these cookies. The two started making batches, perfecting techniques, and sharing with friends. The positive feedback came pouring in, and the two soon found themselves making batches for people to take to work potlucks, dinners with friends, and holiday parties. And as it happened, Comfort Baking Co. was formed.


We really hope you enjoy making, eating, and sharing these cookies as much as we do. 

Max & JD